New School vs. Old School: How New Media Billionaires Compare with Old Media Billionaires

We’ve heard a lot about the seemingly endless amount of money made by the founders of Google, Facebook and other new companies. Each time one of these companies goes public, one of the main elements of any story is how much each founder or founding employee will get paid.

An interesting question, though, is how these new media multi-millionaires and billionaires compare to the those who made their riches from the “old” media (TV, newspaper, etc.). The good folks over at sent me one of their latest infographics exploring that very question.

Did you know that Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google, can each claim double the net worth of Rubert Murdoch, founder of News Corporation? Revolution was an understatement.


Featured Image Credit: Maurizio Pesce (Creative Commons)

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