Technology is a beautiful thing. It can allow us to be more productive, more tuned in to work-related data and much more responsive. The amount of work we can get done on an iPad anywhere with a data connection is truly amazing. If we’re not careful, though, technology can actually suck our time away from […]

Google+ is rolling out a new look for its header graphics on both business and individual pages. Here is a screenshot of a new design I updated for one of my clients’ pages (souchi): I must say, I like this new header design much better than the last update. I never understood the appeal of […]

File this in the “Think Before You Share” category. Randi Zuckerberg set off a Twitter firestorm earlier today when she posted a Veteran’s Day-themed tweet promoting her new book, Dot Complicated. The tweet read “In honor of Veterans Day, share how tech helped/complicated life while serving & get a free signed copy of my book!” […]

I read a great article on recently called “Should You Outsource Social Media Or Do It Yourself?” The article has some great general points like determining the primary goals and objectives of social media campaigns, not spreading social too thin, and splitting social media efforts between in-house staff and an outsourced consultant. While I […]

Yesterday, one of my clients in the Florida tourism industry told me she was approached by a company with a novel idea: We want to give you an app to keep up with your best customers, as well as those who’ve fallen by the wayside. The company can’t claim anything close to the name recognition status […]