Jessica Clark, PMP

Jessica’s expertise and passion is to strategically plan and execute large campaigns and creative projects, and provide counsel specific to the education and mission-based industries all through the lens of the PMP® process.

She owns Skye Creative, where she works with clients to successfully conceptualize and execute creative projects, campaigns and outreach efforts. With years of experience leading large creative teams, she works to connect clients to the ideas, strategies, and resources (designers/print houses/programmers/animators/game and app creators, etc.) needed to fulfill the unique needs they have to reach families, children and local communities. Many times this means building partnerships, writing communications that resonate with the family audience, or building specialty products and social media campaigns. In many cases, this also means acting as ex officio staff, advocating for the client’s needs with vendors, state personnel, contract managers and communications agencies.

She particularly loves to fight for a cause and currently works with various clients who educate and advocate for children and their families everyday.