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Pinterest Snapshot

What’s New in Social Media: Pinterest Promoted Pins

In an effort to begin monetizing one of the most popular social networks in social media history, Pinterest announced yesterday that the company will begin testing its first social advertising product: Pinterest Promoted Pins. I…
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New Billionaires

New School vs. Old School: How New Media Billionaires Compare with Old Media Billionaires

We've heard a lot about the seemingly endless amount of money made by the founders of Google, Facebook and other new companies. Each time one of these companies goes public, one of the main elements…
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Facebook Hashtag Example

Facebook Hashtags 101

Almost six years after Chris Messina applied the hashtag concept to Twitter, and after other social networks followed suit, including Pinterest, Tumblr, and Facebook’s own Instagram, Facebook has announced that it would finally support clickable…
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Front Flip in action

Should My Business Use Front Flip? A Few Things You Should Know.

Yesterday, one of my clients in the Florida tourism industry told me she was approached by a company with a novel idea: We want to give you an app to keep up with your best…
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Social Media Use by Demographic

Social Media Use by Demographic (Infographic)

Do you know which demographics use social media the most? It varies based on social network and the stats are very interesting. We've received some research from the Pew Research Center and our friends over…
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Google Reader Alternatives

4 Legitimate Google Reader Alternatives

When Google recently announced it would shut down its Reader service by June, backlash and revolt ensued, but many also questioned how many people actually used the service. Google Reader’s last product manager called the…
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Lessons from a Child Entrepreneur

Lessons From a Child Entrepreneur

Ever since I was a kid, I loved the idea of entrepreneurship. In elementary school, my younger brother and I drew and cut out small pictures, attached tape on the back and sold our newly…
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